2020 NHCA Call for Officer Nominations

The NHCA Nominations Task Force is actively pursuing a slate of candidates for the NHCA officer 2020-2021 terms.

Deadline to submit is Tuesday, October 15th at 11:59pm ET!

Your participation in this process, as an active member of NHCA, is vital to the health of the association. Please help by submitting your nominations today!

The NHCA nominations committee is actively seeking individuals with diverse backgrounds for service on the 2020-2021 Executive Council, to bring fresh perspectives and ideas in pursuit of achieving our shared mission "to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society".

As an NHCA member, you can submit nominations (including self-nominations) for elected offices by submitting candidate names via our online form. Being on the EC is a rewarding experience of collaboration, learning, and fostering new friendships. Please join us! The EC is here to help transition you into your new role.

Please submit your nominations, in accordance with the instructions, below no later than October 15, 2019.

Listed here are the five open positions on the NHCA Executive Council for 2020-2021. Service begins February 2020. To view complete position descriptions and responsibilities, click here to view Annex N from the NHCA Bylaws.

President Elect - 3 year term (as President-Elect, President and Past President)

The President shall be the Chief Executive of NHCA and shall preside at meetings of its members, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Council. The President shall represent NHCA and act in its name, subject to its declared policies, rules, procedures and regulations, between meetings of the Executive Council and the Executive Committee. The President shall perform all other duties usual to such office and as provided elsewhere herein. The President may create specific task forces or appoint liaisons to conduct NHCA business at his/her discretion, particularly pertaining to bylaws/resolutions, ethical practice issues, and the NHCA Scholarship Foundation.

Director of Education – 2-year term

The Director of Education oversees all conferences, seminars, and other educational programs of NHCA, and appoints a liaison between NHCA and related university academic programs. The Director of Education is also responsible for all educational material generated by NHCA. The Director of Education is a voting position on the Executive Council with a two-year term.

Director of Membership – 2-year term

The Director of Membership is responsible for membership recruitment, retention and new member orientation. The Director of Membership is a voting position on the Executive Council with a two-year term. The Dir of Membership chairs the Membership Services Council (which includes the PSP, Commercial, Member, Associate, At-Large, and Student Delegates).

Director of Marketing and Public Relations– 2-year term

The Director of Marketing and Public Relations shall be responsible for increasing the visibility and recognition of NHCA among NHCA members, Related Professional Organizations (RPO’s), hearing conservation practitioners, and the public, and for publicizing and promoting issues of Spectrum, NHCA-developed materials or concepts, and events sponsored or co-sponsored by NHCA, including the annual conference, membership and sponsorship drives, best practices conferences, etc. The Director of Marketing and Public Relations is a voting position on the Executive Council with a two-year term.

Member Delegate (1)– 2-year term

The fundamental role of the Member Delegates is to provide a voice in representation of the NHCA’s members. The Member Delegates (2) also serve on the Membership Services Council with the PSP, Commercial Delegate, Associate Delegate, and Student Delegate led by the Director of Membership.

All elected members of the Executive Council are expected to attend three face-to-face meetings annually. Important budget discussions and deliberations are typically held during the summer meeting. Meetings are also scheduled prior to and following the annual conference at the conference site. Additional Council activity is routinely managed via teleconference and email communications.

How to nominate:

  • Check with those you plan to nominate that they are willing to be nominated.
  • Submit names via our online form below to submit your nominations.

An independent nomination endorsement by no less than 10 full members will automatically be placed on the election ballot, while nominations from a single member will be considered by the Nominations Task Force.

Please note that the following are not eligible for election to new positions:

  • President: Amy Blank

  • President-Elect: Theresa Schulz

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Theresa Small

  • Director of Communication: Lori Aronovici

  • Member Delegate #1: Elizabeth Masterson

  • Commercial Member Delegate: Heather Malyuk

  • PSP Member Delegate: Teah Richey

  • Emeritus members, Associate Members, and Student Members are not eligible for election to these positions.


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