Hearing is Quality of Life

Hearing is a critical, often under-valued part of quality of life. Once it is lost or degraded, communication and relationships can be impacted. There can also be a loss of enjoyment of simple activities, such as listening to music, enjoying dinner with friends, watching movies, and experiencing nature. A loss of hearing can also affect career progression and safety at home and on the job. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can also disrupt sleep or concentration. Both hearing loss and tinnitus are associated with depression. Fortunately, hearing can be protected. 

Workers are often exposed to hearing hazards, including loud noise and chemicals that can damage hearing. These exposures can lead to hearing problems including hearing loss and tinnitus.

The videos below include conversations with noise-exposed workers who have experienced hearing loss and/or tinnitus. It was developed by the National Occupational Research Agenda Hearing Loss Prevention Cross-Sector Council and is hosted exclusively by NHCA.

Click the images below to watch the videos.