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For the last decade, SHOEBOX has been leading the evolution of hearing testing solutions for Occupational Hearing Conservation. Test in any noise-compliant room, no sound booth required. We’ve helped 1000’s of customers, including some of the most recognizable brands globally. Employers and HCPs rely on SHOEBOX to bring their Occupational Hearing testing programs in house.
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hearX® stands as a leading medtech scale-up dedicated to hearing health, excelling in the creation of affordable, high-quality hearing technology that has positively impacted millions of individuals worldwide. Our innovative solutions, recognized with prestigious awards, cater to hearing healthcare professionals on a global scale. Most of our products are available with translations in English, Spanish, and French.

What sets us apart is our commitment to a fully managed service, revolutionizing the approach to overcoming traditional obstacles in the detection, diagnosis, and intervention of hearing loss. At hearX, we take pride in providing a comprehensive solution that transforms the landscape of hearing healthcare.
No matter what challenges you have with occupational noise, 3M has a full range of solutions to help you improve your hearing conservation program. Learn more about hearing conservation as well as tools and products we offer.
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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for 211,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel; and students.
Benson Medical Instrument’s product line includes audiometers, HPD fit test systems, spirometers, and Benson Cloud Services “BCS” (cloud-based audiometric data management). Our BCS’s add accessibility, complimentary software updating, along with security (HIPPA) that meets OSHA and MSHA requirements to occupational health programs and allows for work-from-home data access.
CAOHC's mission is: advancing best practices in occupational hearing conservation worldwide, through credentialing, standards, education, and advocacy. CAOHC offers three different certifications in occupational hearing conservation and is continuously developing additional courses, webinars and materials to assist in teaching hearing conservation. CAOHC currently has a significant reach throughout the US, South America, Europe and China with goals to expand to other regions.
Creare LLC is an engineering research and development firm located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Founded in 1961, we provide industrial and government clients in the medical, aerospace/defense, energy, process, and manufacturing industries with services ranging from applied research to prototype design, fabrication and testing. Core areas of expertise include fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, electronics and software development, sensors and control systems, and CFD/FEA analysis. Customers value our ability to solve their toughest engineering challenges to help them innovate new products, gain the competitive advantage and shorten time-to-market. Projects have ranged from a day to a decade in length with funding from a few thousand to over 15 million dollars. We employ over 65 engineers, most with advanced degrees including 30 holding PhDs. They are supported by over 40 technical and laboratory staff. All of our facilities are company-owned and located in Hanover and Lebanon, NH. Our complex includes over 80,000 square feet of office, shop, and laboratory space.

Audiometric Equipment vendor- Kuduwave Boothless Audiometer manufacturer and medical innovators.


INVISIO offers cutting-edge personal communication and hearing protection systems. The systems enable users to operate and communicate safely and clearly in all environments, even under extreme conditions.
INVISIO systems consist of headsets and advanced control units that interface to a wide range of communication devices. The systems provide hearing protection while maintaining the natural level of situational awareness

We design, manufacture, and sell eye and ear protection utilizing a patented design in which protective eyewear connects directly to earmuffs with strong magnets, dramatically improving user comfort and compliance, as well as minimizing the loss of sound attenuation that occurs when traditional eyewear frames are worn under earmuff pads.
At Minuendo we are passionate about sound and the sense of hearing. We are equally concerned about the protection of hearing for consumers as well as professionals, ranging from musicians to industrial workers. Our hearing protection solutions include; passive variable attenuation earplugs and Smart Alert earplugs. Both share our core technology to avoid over-protection and provide outstanding situational awareness clarity. Smart Alert automates the hearing loss prevention process. Smart Alert earplug with active noise monitoring at-the-ear, with real-time alerts and safety notifications via SMS. Smart Alert cloud provides simple dashboards, data analysis, reporting, record keeping and support. Interested to find out about this brand new approach to protecting your teams’ health and business wellbeing? Contact us.
Paxauris means peaceful ear. Our goal is to protect workers from noise with new and innovative hearing protection products. Our Fluid™ earplugs are comfortable, easy-to-fit, and provide consistent attenuation in the field—three critical features that will improve compliance in the workforce and so reduce noise-induced hearing loss. You slip the stem into your ear, then push the bulb to inflate the tip, creating a soft acoustic seal. To remove, pull the tab to deflate. They’re hygienic, because unlike foam earplugs, you don’t touch the part that goes in your ear, and they’re washable, reusable, and recyclable. Please contact is if you are interested in trialing this revolutionary approach to hearing protection.
Tremetrics designs and manufactures OSHA compliant hearing test devices for occupational health professionals. We offer a full line of innovative products designed to save time and money for hearing conservation programs. Our products include PC-based audiometers, mobile testing systems, hearing test booths and health database management software. We feature the RA360 occupational audiometer for hearing conservation. Its simple, intuitive operation allow anyone to perform a fully compliant OSHA hearing screening quickly and easily.
Sound attenuation received with the WAHTS (Wireless Automated Hearing Test System) headset is on par with a single-walled sound booth. A built-in audiometer makes it highly portable and enables flexible untethered testing. WAHTS is an FDA registered audiometer and meets current OSHA 1910.95, ANSI S3.6, and IEC 60645-1 standards.
Westone has been a leader in hearing health for over 60 years. We are dedicated to providing quality custom-fit earpieces, hearing protection and audiology supply products. We've made literally millions of custom-fit earpieces, each one hand-finished and of the highest quality materials. Our employees, many of whom have worked with Westone for many years, have been the contributors to our success as a company. When you call Westone you’ll be greeted by a friendly, helpful person – not an endless phone tree. Our goal is to provide you with timely and accurate information, as well as prompt attention to your orders.In addition to our hearing healthcare business, Westone has military and hearing protection offerings. Our products are known the world over. We are proud supporters of our military service members and we continue to provide world-class communications earpieces for pilots - as well as other hearing protection earpieces – our products are used by members of each branch of the US Armed Forces. Musicians and service members alike are placing more importance on preserving their hearing, and we are proud to support all of our military team members.Our extended Westone family includes you, our customer. We are here to help you and your patients in any way that we can. Let us know how we can be of service.