Partner Alert: NEW “Too Loud, Too Long!” Teacher Activity and “How Loud is Too Loud?” Comic Book Available Online

Posted: October 28, 2019

Dear Hearing and Health Partners,

NCEH’s Noise Induced Hearing Loss Program teamed up with BAM! Body and Mind through CDC Healthy Schools to develop a Teacher Activity entitled “Too Loud, Too Long!” to increase students’ knowledge about the permanent hearing damage that can occur from loud sounds and the simple ways to protect their hearing.

NCEH also designed a new comic book entitled “How Loud is Too Loud?” as part of the “Ask a Scientist” comic series to learn about how to prevent noise induced hearing loss in a fun and engaging way. Thanks to an excellent suggestion by one of our partner organizations, the electronic version of our comic book “How Loud is Too Loud” has been edited to better reflect the degree and title of most audiologists providing services to school-aged children.  Ms. Salazar is now referred to as Dr. Salazar. Both resources are available on CDC’s Healthy Schools web page.

For more information, contact John Eichwald at [email protected].


NCEH Noise Induced Hearing Loss Team