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Virginia Issues Mandatory COVID-19 Safety Rule 

Virginia’s State OSHA Program is the first state-administered program to issue a mandatory COVID-19 safety rule for general workplaces. This emergency temporary standard, 16VAC25-220, became effective July 27, 2020. Guidance from federal OSHA may be accessed via the COVID-19 topic page.


Infamous 'Windsor Hum' Finally Dies Down After Company Idles Zug Island Plant

Now there is one less mystery hum to deal with. Some of you may be familiar with the Taos Hum (as in New Mexico) and the Windsor Hum (as in Windsor Ontario). They have been the subjects of speculation and research as have other mystery noises around the world. Well, at least one of these mysteries is no longer a problem. The source of the Windsor hum was definitively identified as a steel plant after its operations were idled and the hum disappeared. 

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Partner Advisory: July is Fireworks Safety Month!

CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) is committed to educating all people about noise-induced hearing loss in order to help prevent it. Hearing loss from loud noise is permanent — and most people don’t notice their hearing is damaged until it’s too late.

You can make a difference! The NCEH Noise Induced Hearing Loss Team put together a new video and social media images to help you spread the word. By sharing these on social media and beyond, you can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss during this year’s #Fireworks Safety Month!

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FREE Webinar: Managing Noise Exposure Data for Extended Work Shifts - What are the Options?

When: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 

Time: 12:00pm CT - 1:00pm CT

Cost: This is a FREE webinar and open to both members/non-members. 

About the Webinar:
Determining employee time-weighted average noise exposures for facilities with 8-hour work shifts is a fairly straightforward procedure. However, confusion often reigns when extended work shifts (e.g., 10-hour, 12-hour workdays) exist. To handle exposure data for workdays greater than 8 hours there are at least three viable options. The data may be normalized to an 8-hour day for direct comparison to the applicable regulation criteria, the average sound level may be compared to a sliding-scale criteria, or the full-shift projected dose may be utilized. This webinar shall demonstrate through example how to appropriately manage the data, plus describe the pros and cons of each method. No CEUs will be offered for this webinar. 

Presented by: Dennis P. Driscoll, P.E., Brd. Cert. in Noise Control, FAIHA

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Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) Statements

Audiology organizations have recently released statements regarding Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD). Click the links below to view. 

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