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How moths evolved a kind of stealth jet technology to sneak past bats

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The cabbage tree emperor moth, a species of silk moth, has furry scales on its wings that absorb the frequencies contained in the echolocation pings of the bats which eat them. Scientists using laser Doppler vibrometry found that the average vibration spectra of the moth’s microperforated wing scales includes three resonators, together spanning the sonar frequencies of their predators, 20 to 150 kHz. Modeling these extremely thin structures informs future development of lightweight resonant sound absorbers for acoustic camouflage in stealth operations and for industrial construction design. 

Biomechanics of a moth scale at ultrasonic frequencies 

Moth wing-inspired sound absorbing wallpaper in sight after breakthrough

Moth jamming bat -- National Geographic Untamed Americas

Six Emerging Solutions for Industrial Noise Control


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Recent Hearing Research


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