PSP & PSPA Members

NHCA membership provides you privileged access to leading experts, early adopters, and trendsetters in our field. Networking opportunities along with NHCA members are worth the cost of membership. You can't afford not to participate in NHCA - it's important to your business to be here!

PSP Member Benefits:

A Professional Service Provider (PSP) Membership applies to any Company (profit or non-profit) regularly providing Hearing Conservation Services. At least one member of the PSP Company must be eligible for a full regular membership. PSP’s are expected to follow standards of good practice and conduct becoming of an NHCA professional member. PSP Benefits include:

  • In addition to the one designated full member, a PSP may include another representative of the Company at no added cost. The second contact person listed may qualify as an Individual member or Associate member;
  • Listing within the NHCA Website under "Find a Service Provider” for anyone seeking Hearing Conservation Services. The listing displays the Company Name, Member Designate, Phone Number, E-Mail and a link to the Company Website. The listing will be posted for any State in which the Company does business;
  • PSP’s have a ½ day Workshop dedicated to their interests as part of the Annual NHCA Conference. Attendance is included in the full workshop registration fee.
  • PSP’s are encouraged to use their NHCA Memberships and the NHCA Logo as a promotional tool for their business;
  • Up to 1 complimentary ad in the NHCA e-newsletter per year (Additional ads are available for a fee of $200 per e-newsletter)
  • 10% discount on Educational Materials.


  • For PSP member companies who would like to add additional representatives to access membership benefits, including discounts on conference registration and member communications such as the Spectrum newsletter from NHCA, there is a PSPA member category for $90pp. 


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